Financial Sales
Liberty Group
Durban, South Africa
1d ago
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Build your own Financial Planning business under the Liberty brand with support from all departments and affiliated entities.

This lucrative career allows you to determine your own income, have the freedom and flexibility of running your own business and managing your own diary, give sound advice to your clients, build trusting relationships with your clients and, most importantly not only assist your clients to reach financial freedom, but also achieve your own financial goals.

Requirements :

The ideal candidate will be an entrepreneur and self-starter with the ability to think outside the box and work under pressure.

  • Matric is essential, a tertiary qualification is desirable.
  • The ability to work productively alone as well as in a team within a competitive environment is required.
  • A professional appearance and good communication and interpersonal skills is essential.
  • Experience in the sales sector is needed. Reaching sales targets is imperative.
  • Own transport is non-negotiable .
  • Clear credit and criminal record is important.
  • TThis role is commission based. We have a very generous commission and benefit structure. Monthly commission / income is unlimited for the Go-Getter.

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    Full training and ongoing support is provided.

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