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SECTION A : Surname :

Surname : Initials :

Initials : Effective Date :

Effective Date : Personnel No. :

Personnel No. : Business Area :

Business Area : CSWO

Department : Microsoft COE (MLM)

Position :

Team lead : SAM Consultants

Functional Area : CSWO

Purpose of the job :

Implement and ensure continuous functioning of the Microsoft Software Asset Management Consultanting function, as well as the integration / dependence of the teams in the business unit to support the entire BCX, as well as our External customers with a Holistic software compliance solution

Occupational Level : Specialist

Job Title

Team Lead : SAM Consultants

Job Category : Specialist

Grade : D Lower

Job Function : Specialist

SAP Level : 3000


The MS COE business will provide a single platform strategy focused on Microsoft to provide the full software lifecycle management to our clients

  • Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) : is responsible for servicing and supporting current Microsoft COE Enterprise Agreement customers.
  • We will be performing Microsoft Software Asset Management per Microsoft Guidelines as assessments change from Microsoft.

    To deliver benchmarks, Effective License Position (ELP), Recommendations and Executive reporting to help clients remain compliant and also drive correct consumption.

  • Microsoft Licensing consultant : Is responsible to liaise, investigate and provide Microsoft solution selling and licensing advice.
  • Specialist consulting to customers in terms of the following : T-36 Programme Management, contract management, Software Assurance Benefits Activation, account and growth planning together with the Microsoft and BCX Account Teams.

  • Microsoft Platform Management : Is responsible to assist Executive MS COE in terms of the following : Microsoft Partner Network, Learning and Assessment, Certifications, Channel Incentive Program (CHIP), Rebates and Vouchers, Software Assurance Claims and Recoveries (DDPS;
  • SDPS) across all programs and schemes

  • Microsoft Licensing Desk : Is responsible to deliver 1st line helpdesk on licensing for quoting, ordering and billing of all transactions in terms of Microsoft engagement
  • Microsoft Technology Solutions Professionals : Is responsible to deliver deployment, migration and roadmap planning for our Microsoft clients.
  • Employees
  • Business Divisions
  • Clients
  • Account Managers (Microsoft)
  • BCX Account Executives
  • MS COE : Licensing Desk
  • MS COE : PLatform Management
  • MS COE : Licensing Consultants
  • MS COE : SAM Consultants

    Responsible to assist the Executive : MS COE with the implementation and continuous functioning of the Microsoft COE Software Asset Management business.

    To build and execute the strategy to drive new business and maintain our existing clients through MS SAM. Working with the various MS COE team players as well as the rest of BCX to achieve success.

    Knowledge and Skills :

  • Building Relationships
  • Client Awareness And Orientation
  • Communication Skills
  • Financial Management And Accounting Principles
  • General Business Principles
  • ICT Industry Developments And Trends
  • Teamwork
  • Understands BCX’s Business Ethics And Values
  • Core Competencies :

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Applied Strategic Planning And Thinking
  • Conceptualisation
  • Customer Excellence Orientation
  • Leadership
  • Participative Management


    Support the Executive : Microsoft COE in the following roles :

  • Microsoft SAM Partner Strategy for BCX with vendor
  • Build the Microsoft SAM Plan to execute the strategy with vendor
  • Align with Microsoft Licensing Consultants to ensure the execution of the SAM Plan with vendor
  • Drive compliance with our customers through the annual review
  • Sell Microsoft SAM Services to our clients through the Licensing Consultants
  • Assist in continuous education of our teams and clients around product and licensing updates and changes as well as market trends, Untouched customers and potential new customers
  • Assist the Executive : MS COE with accurate pipeline and forecasting for MS SAM : including SAM Service, SAM as partner and any other revenue or rebates as a result of SAM work
  • Day to day Resource Management Manage all SAM consultant : from leave approval, resource planning, performance reviews, Annual salary rview motivations, personal development plans as well as detailed training plans to ensure certifications are tracked and maintained
  • Continue driving SAM Projects at assigned clients
  • Alignment with Microsoft and BCX CRO client strategy
  • SAM plan aligned with Microsoft and BCX CRO deliverables to clients to achieve success
  • Satisfied clients with continued Microsoft compliancy as well as usage of software
  • Growing the SAM business beyond just contract engagement but into Microsoft SAM Services
  • Training and educating our clients on Microsoft SAM and the importance of it
  • Healthy Pipeline with cover and accurate rolling forecast
  • Happy employees, with good work ethics Well managed resource schedule with proper leave management
  • Personal development plans for the team with succession planning in place
  • Draw up and manage a training schedule for all SAM Consultants
  • Manage Training for all SAM consultants and ensure updated certification (sales and marketing)
  • Collaboration with other teams in MS COE as well as onsite teams where SAM resources engage to ensure seamless customer interaction
  • Deliver SAM work to assigned clients base, executing on analysis of data, building benchmarks, reporting effective license position.
  • Building executive summaries for clients with recommendations around maintaining compliance, whilst delivering value and return on investment



    Where relevant Line Managers must allocate roles and outcomes as defined in the business process available on Control ES)



    Basic Financial Understanding / Financial skills

  • Displays a good understanding of finances and financial systems
  • Is aware of the financial implications of your staff’s work and service delivery
  • Is able to work with figures and compile financial reports in alignment with BCX’s standards
  • Computer Literacy

  • Is proficient in Windows software such as Word, Microsoft Office / Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project and SAP
  • Is able to navigate the internet and intranet
  • General Supervisory Knowledge

  • Assists staff in all areas within the division
  • Continuously assists staff in understanding their functions, roles and responsibility within the division and BCX as a whole
  • Industrial Relations Knowledge

  • Is aware of relevant legislation and how it impacts on BCX and employees
  • Professionalism

  • Acts in a courteous and friendly manner
  • Displays patience and good manners at all times
  • Enhances the client’s experience of BCX
  • Stress Management

  • Is able to remain calm under stress
  • Effectively handles several tasks at once
  • Is able to control his / her response when criticised, attacked or provoked
  • Consistently maintains a sense of humour in difficult circumstances
  • Successfully monitors own behaviour to prevent or reduce feelings of stress
  • Time And Priority Management

  • Is able to plan work so that maximum efficiency is obtained
  • Continuously structures work in an organised and effective manner
  • Is able to prioritise the workload in order of importance in an efficient and organised manner
  • Business Acumen

  • Understands general business principles and practices and to make sound commercial decisions
  • Conflict management

  • Is assertive and persevere with viewpoints when opposed by other individuals
  • Actively perseveres with viewpoints when a team opposes his / her viewpoints
  • Managerial skills

  • Is able to set objectives on his / her own and is able to implement and prioritise the steps of planning and organising effectively
  • Must not only control activities but is also required to co-ordinate the activities of people in his / her section towards goal achievement
  • Sets the necessary managerial controls over arrangements and be able to address contingencies
  • Assists in the formulation and implementation of organisational policies and strategies
  • Understands BCX’s way of work

  • Confidently navigates the processes and standards published on the BCX intranet
  • Understands BCX’s business values and ethics

  • Understands BCX values and ethics
  • Treats all employees in line with BCX’s values and ethical guidelines

    Applied Strategic Planning and Thinking

  • Utilises big picture picture understanding in a practical and proactive manner
  • Develops and adjusts strategic or other long term plans to accommodate changing conditions or circumstances
  • Identifies the resources to meet objectives
  • Sets priorities that will contribute to meeting organisational objectives
  • Successfully plans an appropriate course of action in realising the strategic goals of BCX
  • Understands BCX’s strengths and weaknesses as compared to competitors
  • Understands industry and market trends affecting the competitiveness of BCX
  • Has an in-depth understanding of competitive products and services in the market place
  • Develops and proposes long term strategies for BCX based on analysis of the industry and marketplace and BCX’s current potential capabilities as compared to competitors
  • Communication

  • Spells correctly and writes using concrete, specific language
  • Uses punctuation correctly
  • Writes grammatically
  • Uses an appropriate business writing style
  • Uses register and tone appropriate to the written task
  • Plan, draft, edit and check a text
  • Conveys information by means of written instructions in an accurate, clear, concise and understandable manner
  • Ensures the content of the text is understood as it is intended to be
  • Uses language structures and features to produce coherent and cohesive texts for a wide range of contexts
  • Drafts own writing and edit to improve clarity and correctness
  • Selects and uses appropriate language within BCX
  • Complies with BCX’s and legislative requirements for communication
  • Listens and understands what has been heard clearly and objectively
  • Is able to use a variety of speaking and listening strategies to communicate
  • Speaks clearly and can be easily understood
  • Tailors the content of speech to the level and experience of the audience
  • Organises ideas clearly in oral speech
  • Expresses ideas concisely in oral speech
  • Maintains eye contact when speaking with others
  • Summarises or paraphrases his / her understanding of what others have said to verify understanding and prevent miscommunication
  • Constantly organises and presents information in a focused and coherent manner
  • Is able to identify and explain how speakers influence audiences
  • Responds critically yet sensitively as a listener
  • Analyses own responses to spoken texts and adjusts as required
  • Uses strategies to be an effective speaker in sustained verbal interactions
  • Evaluates spoken discourse
  • Conceptualisation

  • Demonstrates the ability to integrate processes, systems and sources of information
  • Understands the inter-relationship between one’s own area of responsibility and BCX
  • When presented with seemingly isolated bits of information and data, combines them as part of a bigger picture
  • Uses information gathered from several sources to understand problems, trends or opportunities
  • Identifies the immediate and long term impacts of decisions, actions and problems regarding the business
  • Notices similarities between different and apparently unrelated situations
  • Quickly identifies the central or underlying issues in a complex situation
  • Creates graphic diagrams showing a systems view of a situation
  • Develops analogies or metaphors to explain a situation
  • Applies a theoretical framework to understand a specific situation
  • Customer excellence orientation

  • Sets and achieves high standards of excellence and ongoing improvement of tasks based on determination and self-discipline
  • Seeks to accomplish critical tasks with measurable results
  • Sets high standards of work performance for self and others
  • Maintains, promotes and enforces adherence to quality requirements / specifications and standards continuously
  • Uses his / her own methods of measuring outcomes against a standard of excellence
  • Identifies client needs prior to client contact so that needs can be timeously met and professionally handled
  • Builds and maintains meaningful client relationships by assessing how clients think and feel
  • Displays a continuous improvement orientation
  • Is able to focus on and achieve standards of service, which meets the requirements of the client
  • Quickly and effectively solves client problems
  • Talks to clients to find out what they want and how satisfied they are with what they are getting
  • Lets clients know he / she is willing to work with them to meet their needs
  • Finds way to measure and track client satisfaction
  • Presents a cheerful, positive manner with clients
  • Evaluating

  • Analyses the underlying causes when presented with an issue or a problem
  • Evaluates the implementation of procedures / practices against BCX’s requirements
  • Investigates out-of-line situations and gives appropriate recommendations
  • Insight

  • Understands information and anticipates consequences by using reflection, foresight, intuition and vision
  • Accurately anticipates or predicts and describes the effects or outcomes of a particular action or event
  • Demonstrates insight into the systems, processes, situations, trends, opportunities and culture inside BCX
  • Foresees problems that could arise and is adequately proactive to prevent problems from occurring
  • Recognises the impact of his / her decisions on other parts of BCX
  • Pays attention, understands and is mentally alert or sharp
  • Is able to perceive information / equipment / situations correctly and in visual detail
  • Leadership

  • Continuously able to identify and utilise leadership and individual working styles
  • Effectively establishes individual and team performance expectations and standards
  • Provides leadership of individuals and teams
  • Constantly enhances working relationships with employees and work associates
  • Teamwork

  • Relates positively to the different people in a team, where they differ in terms of race, gender, culture, background
  • Listens and responds contructively to other team members ideas
  • Offers support for others ideas and proposals
  • Is open with other team members about his / her concerns
  • Expresses disagreement constructively by emphasizing points of agreement, suggestion alternatives that may be acceptable to the group
  • Reinforces team members for their contributions
  • Gives honest and constructive feedback to other team members
  • Provides assistance to others when they need it
  • Works for solutions that all team members can support
  • Shares his / her expertise with others
  • Seeks opportunities to work on teams as a means to develop experience and knowledge
  • Provides assistance, information, or other support to build and maintain relationships
  • SECTION E : Job Profile Content Page

    Job Profile Content Page

    Team Leader : SAM Consultants (D Lower)


    Educational Background :
  • Grade 12
  • Grade 12
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Required
  • Latest MCPs exams a must for licensing and SAM
  • Sound Microsoft product and licensing knowledge
  • NQF Level 4 plus relevant IT diploma or Degree, NQF Level 5 or 6 preferrable Advantageous but not required
  • Previous experience :

  • Minimum 5 years in a Microsoft SAM role
  • SECTION E : Job Profile Content Page

    Job Profile Content Page

    Team Leader : SAM Consultants (D Lower)


    Educational Background :
  • Grade 12
  • Grade 12
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Required
  • Latest MCPs exams a must for licensing and SAM
  • Sound Microsoft product and licensing knowledge
  • NQF Level 4 plus relevant IT diploma or Degree, NQF Level 5 or 6 preferrable Advantageous but not required
  • Previous experience :

  • Minimum 5 years in a Microsoft SAM role
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