Game Ranger Course Volunteer
South Africa
3d ago


Imagine volunteering with Lions, Elephants, Leopards and the rest of Africa's "Big 5" safari animals AND also getting a qualification while you do it.

Sound good? Well, this is exactly what happens on our newly launched Game Ranger Course programme!

Started in 2010, this programme is geared towards providing volunteers with a meaningful yet practical connection to wildlife and nature.

It is designed to equip you with the theoretical lessons and practical training needed to become a qualified Game Ranger Guide and receive a level-

1 certificate for the FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa).

More and more people are choosing to volunteer at this Game Ranger Course programme because it beautifully combines education with excitement, and encompasses much more than simply sightseeing and photographing wild animals.

It offers participants a substantial level of responsibility that encourages them to See More and Do More each and every day of their programme.

Why you are needed :

Your time at the programme is divided between learning about, and taking part in wildlife conservation . Whilst the programme deals primarily with animals and wildlife it is also incredibly tuned-

in to society. As you undergo practical fieldwork tests and informative training you will also be required to help educate both tourists and locals about the fundamental importance of nature conservation.

This programme appeals to many of our environmentally conscious travellers, equipping them with the skills to know how to care about the places they visit and why it is important to raise awareness on environmental issues.

By volunteering here you will not only be contributing to daily positive change at the game reserve, but you will also be able to connect with other like-

minded volunteers who like you, have chosen to implement small steps that will eventually become big realities.

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